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At a young age James D. Williams had a love for taking pictures, watching movies and writing. Ever since then he knew that he wanted to have a career in the arts. In 2009, Williams began to take a career in the arts seriously. Kansas City, MO is where he began his journey as a photographer and a videographer. He accomplished a lot in Kansas City, MO and when he decided to relocate to Atlanta, GA he knew that it was the right move for him to advance his career. 

Williams moved to Atlanta, GA in 2013 with a plan to take his photography to the next level and accomplish a lot more in film. Since moving to Atlanta he has worked on sets with musicians such as August Alsina, Migos, Pusha T, Yo Gotti and directors Payne Lindsey, Dontell Antonio and Motion Family. 

Now, Williams is back living in his hometown of Kansas City, MO. Working a new full time position with a great company and living a good life with his family. He is still working as a photographer and filmmaker in his free time. 

For a list of James' credits please click the following link: James D. Williams Video Prod Resume